About AviatCloud

  • What is AviatCloud?

    AviatCloud is a SAAS-based applications platform to simplify wireless transport.

    With custom built applications to automate and virtualize various aspects of microwave design, deployment, management, and service delivery, and by tying all the data together in one place, AviatCloud enables you to spend less time managing data and more time enhancing your network and improving your customers’ experience.

  • What Are the Benefits of AviatCloud?

    AviatCloud saves time and money, improves quality, and enhances network function… in short AviatCloud simplifies wireless networks!

What Analysts Are Saying

  • Operational activities such as planning, design, deployment and management collectively represent the largest issues with wireless backhaul today and must be addressed to enable denser 5G networks. AviatCloud is one of the most compelling and potentially valuable offerings I’ve seen yet to deal with these critical issues and is strategically important for Aviat as they shift their business to more software and services.

    Richard Webb, research director, IHS Infonetics

  • 5G networks will require a paradigm shift in the way networks are built and operated. AviatCloud is an important innovation for simplifying wireless backhaul networks to meet pending 5G market requirements.

    Ed Gubbins, Senior Analyst of Wireless Infrastructure, Current Analysis

  • Mobile networks are rapidly evolving towards a software-defined architecture where the network is abstracted and service automation is enabled. AviatCloud is one of the most innovative visions I’ve seen in the wireless backhaul space in quite some time, by reengineering a traditional monitoring approach into an intelligent and interactive network tool. One of the most valuable parts except of the valuable insights integration is the automation of various aspects of backhaul including service delivery.

    Elias Aravantinos, Principal Analyst of Mobility Syndicated and Business Consulting Services, ACG Research

  • With AviatCloud, operators can benefit from virtualized SaaS applications to design, deploy, manage and maintain their backhaul links. This will be especially important as 5G mobile comes into use, which will have many as-yet-unforeseen effects on the backhaul that will require the flexibility AviatCloud could enable.

    Emmy Johnson, the founder of Sky Light Research

AviatCloud Apps

New Aviat Design

Plan your wireless network from the cloud. It’s now faster, more intuitive and accurate, and easier to use

  • Geographic maps based interface.
  • Adjust parameters on the fly to optimize performance.
  • Determine path clearance with integrated path profile.
  • Extensive and up-to-date Aviat and partners equipment databases.
  • Well-ordered link budget and profile reports.
Newly added features:
  • Clutter Layer using the USGS land cover database (USA)
  • Automatic antenna height estimation
  • Reflection Analysis for paths over water and smooth terrain.
  • Network export to Google Earth
  • Improved link report



Multi-vendor, multi-device, cloud-based network management application

  • Gain instant visibility of your network, anywhere, anytime
  • Get a geographical picture of your network and how it's performing
  • Understand problems and find solutions
  • Free upgrade for provision customers



Protect your investment in Aviat solutions by accessing around-the-clock expert knowledge and support.

  • Download the latest software and documentation.
  • Reach Aviat technical experts 24x7.
  • Send a unit for repair and track it online.
  • Access hundreds of articles through our Knowledge Base.
  • Enjoy total peace of mind for all your service needs.

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Get the latest industry knowledge from our Aviat experts.

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest in technology and innovations.
  • Gain recognition — Get Aviat Certified!
  • Attend courses anytime, anywhere.
  • Choose from Flexible E-Learning or classroom training options.



Get quotes and purchase your microwave online. It's fast, easy and secure.

  • WTM 4000 radios, software, antennas, accessories
  • Self-service quoting and purchasing
  • Next day shipping with fast delivery options*
  • Pay by purchase order, credit card, or wire transfer
  • Available for select USA customers only

AviatCloud Store AviatCloud Store AviatCloud Store AviatCloud Store


Frequently Asked Questions

What functions/software does AviatCloud include?

In its first release, AviatCloud includes four applications: DESIGN, MANAGE, AVIATCARE and EDUCATE.

How do I get access to AviatCloud?

If you are an existing AviatCare customer with access to the AviatCare support site, simply login with your userid.

If you do not have an AviatCare support account simply click here to request access.

Are all apps available to everyone?

Access to apps are provided as follows:

DESIGN: Available to all AviatCloud users

MANAGE: This section requires a MANAGE app subscription and network connection. Apply here

AVIATCARE: Some functions such as RMA tools are available to all AviatCloud users. Other functions require AviatCare support account. Apply here

EDUCATE: Some functions are available to all AviatCloud users. Other functions require an accounta subscription to an eLearning plan. Apply here

What is the cost?

AviatCloud is currently in Beta during which time DESIGN and AVIATCARE are free to use while MANAGE is free, but requires you to be an active ProVision support customer.

For an AviatCare account, click here

What are future plans for AviatCloud?

We will be adding LOTS of new apps to AviatCloud. Stay tuned.

Is my information secure? If so please provide details.

Yes your information is secure. Aviat has built our applications utilizing the most stringent security considerations. It starts with our Cloud provider whose computing environments are continuously audited and presently holds certifications from accreditation bodies across geographies and verticals, including ISO 27001, FedRAMP, DoD CSM, and PCI DSS. AviatCloud leverages industry standard security best practices to provide you with an encrypted connection from your internet enabled device to our cloud environment.

Aviat is continuously reviewing and upgrading our efforts around security. Our Managed Cloud Services are monitored 24/7 to provide you with the assurance your data is protected. All data traversing our connection is continuously scanned to ensure it is free from threats. Rest assured Aviat Networks is watching after any and all data that comes into our Cloud environment.

Is my data within AviatCloud available 24/7?
(Are there scheduled maintenance times?)

AviatCloud will be available 24/7. There may be periodic maintenance windows and users will be notified in advance.

Can I download a backup to my laptop?

No. AviatCloud is a SaaS based cloud application. Some future AviatCloud apps will run in offline mode.

Can you provide more details of your AviatCloud implementation?

AviatCloud is a public cloud environment – available anytime, anywhere there is a network connection. As noted the connection is safe and secure, as is the data that we store within the environment. We support a wide range of access devices to make it simple and easy to get the right information at the right time to solve your issues quicker. Please contact us here for more information.

Can I log into AviatCloud on more than one device at a given time?

No, your login is a unique identifier for you. Once logged into the system that user id / password combination cannot be used again to access AviatCloud. This is just one aspect of the security we have put in place to protect the customer information stored within AviatCloud

Do I need to install any software to use AviatCloud?

AviatCloud is a SaaS platform. To use AviatCloud, go to www.AviatCloud.com in your browser.

Can I use my tablet to access AviatCloud?

Yes. AviatCloud supports the most recent-model Android and iOS tablets. Please review our on-line release notes when you login to get a better understanding of what devices we support.

Do I need ProVision installed in my wireless network to take advantage of AviatCloud?

Version 7.1.x or greater of ProVision is required on your network for the current version of MANAGE application.

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